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Right Study Materials is one of the most important factors to secure a govt. job nowadays. Though various types of competitive exam study books are available in the market to study, sometimes job aspirants get confused about what to study and how to study and other related issues. We at have tried with our limited resources to help the job aspirants to study the required topics and practice through the online quizzes on this section. Of course, We believe that these study materials will help job aspirants to qualify in the  Govt. Recruitment Exams as the exam trends are rapidly changing exam after exam,& this can be a study supplement which will definitely help the job aspirants to prepare better.

We have categorized the study materials Topics wise for the convenience of aspirants. Please click on the respective category for reading the study materials accordingly.



  • General Studies
  • Reasonings ( Verbal & Non-Verbal)
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English





More Categories as per upcoming exams will be updated gradually.

Online MCQ Quiz & Practice Set
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