An interview can be described as a conversation between interviewer and interviewee where questions are asked and the answer is given. It cannot be treated as a simple conversation as interview exchanges information from interviewee to interviewer which is the real purpose of an interview process. In the context of the interview in recruitment, the primary purpose of an interview is to ascertain the suitability of the candidate for the post. Generally, Interview is the final stage of selection for any post. So, Interview is given the topmost importance in the recruitment process of jobs. Among various tips, some of the interview tips are listed below to help the job aspirants to prepare a strategy to appear the interview board and clear the process.

Interview Tips :

Appearing Interview requires not only personal grooming but also mental grooming. As many candidates tend to be nervous and it is very common. Nervousness obscures talents, knowledge, experience and in short spoils the whole interview process. So, Candidates should get rid of nervousness first. They need to convince themselves that they are indeed the right person for the post and have all the required qualities for it. This will gather them self-confidence and courage to face the Interview Board as they will feel relaxed. Candidates are also cautioned that their body language, presentation, and behavior should not reflect overconfidence and rashness rather they should present themselves as a cool composed and confident interviewee.

Dress and Appearance Checklist:

  • Candidates attire must be clean neat and well fitted.
  • Candidates dress should be according to the environment, custom and occasion.
  • Candidates shoes must be well polished.
  • Nails should be trimmed and clean.
  • Hair should be trimmed properly and beard should be shaved and if any candidate sports a beard, it should be trimmed properly.
  • Check your breath and ensure that it is free from any odor.

Facing the interview board is always an important occasion. The result of an interview may turn the scales for or against a candidate. The average marks secured by a candidate in any competitive examination do not fluctuate violently between certain extremes, but the marks obtained at the interview are frequently a determining factor in the final selection in an interview post.

Some important Interview Board Guidelines :

Some important few guidelines which candidates would be well advised to keep in mind. They are as under :

  • Please open the door of the interview room in a quiet and unobtrusive manner. You could give a soft knock on the door before you enter. After entering, close the door softly and try to wear a pleasant smile and enthusiastic expression. This would create a good environment in the room and would set the right tone for the interview.
  • Candidate should keep an eye-contact with the Interviewers. But that does not mean, you can stare at them in a manner that may be disconcerting. You should look at the person to whom you are talking, at the same time give a brief glance to other members of the Interview Board.
  • Always try to sit comfortably and reasonably upright. Sit in a relaxed manner, yet do not create an image of being lazy or casual. It is better to lean slightly forward rather than lean back as it will communicate your interest and attentiveness. You can put your arms in a comfortable position without shifting them frequently.


Some Don’ts inside the Interview Room :
Never Bluff :

It is always wrong to bluff. The interviewee should never forget that the members of the interview Board are well-educated, accomplished and experienced persons and they will not make a mistake in judging the real merit of a candidate. It is, therefore, suggested that the interviewee should be as frank, truthful and honest as possible. A smart personality accounts for nothing if it is unaccompanied with genuine confidence, truthfulness and frank admission of one’s ignorance if needed.

It is always right to admit one’s ignorance and not start making wild guesses.

Don’t Flatter :

Flattery is a fine art, but very few people know how to tackle the fancy of another person successfully. In most cases, a flatter embarrasses or even irritates, the other person. This serves to show that while the interviewers are certainly human being, they do most definitely discourage pleasantries and dislike any attempt at familiarity or flattery. When a candidate indulges in this sort of things, the interviewer may soon sum up his personal character and reject him forthwith, despite his other qualifications.

Never Speak Very Fast:

Interviewees are advised not to speak very fast in the course of an interview. Every word must be well-pronounced and distinctly spoken. The use of slangs should be completely avoided. Sentences should be brief and concise. Always use plain and simple words. By doing this, one will avoid error in pronunciation. Carefully consider the setting and the manner of starting the first sentence. If the speaker starts well, he will naturally continue well. Ever Candidate should develop his own method of speaking. It is fatal to imitate someone else’s style. It is better to speak a few words correctly than many constituting a jargon.

Never be Rude:

Politeness always pays in life and particularly at the time of interview. Some candidates lose their temper and become rude on being unable to answer some consecutive questions. Bu doing so they ruin their career. So, an interviewee should never lose temper and should be polite even if the answer is not known by politely admitting the ignorance.



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